The MiracleCord Advantage

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TimeCritical™ Processing

MiracleCord has the unique ability to process umbilical cord blood and cord tissue specimens within 12 hours after collection.2

Time is the one factor having the greatest impact on the number of viable stem cells available for transplant. Studies show that processing of cord blood stem cells should optimally be undertaken within 12 hours of collection1 (TimeCritical Processing).

Processing cord blood within 12 hours after collection yields a significantly greater number of viable stem cells, and colony forming units that grow into life-saving tissue.

TimeCritical Processing

Many cord blood banks report an average time of 24 hours or more from collection to processing. When cord blood is processed 24 hours after collection, nearly half of the stem cells collected lose their viability.

1 Shlebak AA, Marley SB, et al. Optimal timing for processing and cryopreservation of umbilical cord hematopoietic stem cells for clinical transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplantation 1999; 23: 131-136.

2 MiracleCord has the ability to process cord blood specimens within 12 hours of collection, subject to certain conditions beyond MiracleCord's control.