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Doctors recommend MiracleCord.

The MiracleCord Advantage

Choosing MiracleCord means your family will receive both superior quality and exceptional value.

MiracleCord's exceptional value includes:

  • Cord Blood Banking with 21-Years of Storage: $1,995
  • Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Banking with 21-Years of Storage: $3,995
  • TimeCritical™ Processing – yields a significantly greater number of viable stem cells
  • Experienced lab – AABB accredited, FDA registered and CLIA certified
  • $50,000 Quality Guarantee
  • Private medical courier service
  • Cord Tissue – Isolated, treatment-ready mesenchymal stem cells (MSC's)
  • StemCare™ thermal cord blood collection kit
  • Heparin-free collection materials

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