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Laboratory - FAQs

How long has MiracleCord's lab been processing cord blood?

MiracleCord's lab facilties have been processing and storing cord blood for two decades.

Is MiracleCord's lab AABB accredited for banking BOTH cord blood and cord tissue?

Yes. MiracleCord is one of just three cord blood banks in the U.S. with lab facilities that have received AABB accreditation for banking BOTH cord blood and cord tissue. This ensures that our lab adheres to the industry's most stringent standards for the collection, processing and cryogenic storage of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.

How will I know that the lab has processed my baby's cord blood and cord tissue?

Within one week of your baby's date of birth MiracleCord will send an email confirming your baby's stem cells have been processed and are safely stored. Approximately 8-12 weeks after your baby's date of birth, you will receive a MiracleCord Certificate of Storage with a comprehensive lab report documenting the details of your baby's cord blood and cord tissue specimens.

What happens if my family needs my baby's cord blood or cord tissue for a stem cell transplant?

MiracleCord can cryogenically ship your baby's cord blood and/or cord tissue unit to a transplant facility anywhere in the world. Your baby's cord blood and cord tissue can be prepared and ready for shipment very quickly. Call us at 1-888-743-2673, and one of our customer service professionals will guide you through the process.