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Critical Lab Criteria

Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Processing Delays

Any delay in processing of your baby's cord blood and cord tissue can result in a significant loss of viable stem cells. If the lab only processes specimens on weekdays or between limited hours, your baby's cord blood and cord tissue could be left unattended and unprocessed for many hours or even days, leaving it vulnerable to massive stem cell loss.

MiracleCord has the unique ability to process your baby's cord blood and cord tissue within 12 hours of collection.1

1 MiracleCord has the ability to process cord blood specimens within 12 hours of collection, subject to certain conditions beyond MiracleCord's control.

AABB Accreditation for BOTH Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking

The AABB is a key international association of blood banks that establishes the standards of care in all aspects of blood banking and tissue transplantation. The AABB works closely with the FDA to provide technical guidance for the development of blood regulations. A lab facility that has received AABB accreditation for banking BOTH cord blood and cord tissue ensures that the lab adheres to the most stringent standards for processing and storing cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.

Although many cord blood banks in the U.S. advertise that their lab facilities are AABB accredited, most do not have AABB accreditation for banking cord tissue. These companies have not received accreditation from the AABB for cord tissue banking because studies have shown that there is little chance of recovering any viable stem cells with the methods they are using for processing and storing cord tissue.

MiracleCord's lab facilities are 1 of only 3 cord blood banking labs in the U.S. that have AABB accreditation for processing and storing BOTH cord blood and cord tissue.


The AABB and FDA require several clinical tests to be performed on cord blood, cord tissue and maternal blood at the time of initial processing. Some cord blood banks forego critical testing procedures that may ultimately limit your family's ability to use your baby's stem cells in the future. Without these tests, the FDA may restrict your baby's stem cells from being released and used for transplant.

MiracleCord performs all required testing during initial processing to ensure compliance with AABB standards and FDA guidelines.