The MiracleCord Advantage

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Cord Tissue - Optimized

The major difference between MiracleCord and other cord tissue stem cell companies is that our lab has developed a unique optimization method for the processing and storage of cord tissue. This technique provides your family with a superior-quality stem cell product that can be multiplied to increase cell numbers and increase their treatment potential. Optimized cord tissue maintains the integrity of all cell types contained within the umbilical cord tissue, and enables our lab to easily isolate and extract more viable cord tissue stem cells compared to segmented cord tissue.

Furthermore, other cord tissue banks require their clients to locate an alternate lab for stem cell expansion, which is a necessary step prior to being used for transplant. MiracleCord’s lab has the technical expertise and the operating facility required, including two Class 10,000 clean rooms, for complete MSC expansion, without outsourcing to any other lab.

Stem cells from our optimized cord tissue process are treatment-ready within a short time of being retrieved from cryogenic storage. Other companies that store segments of whole cord tissue require up to 30 days post-thaw before they can attempt to extract any stem cells.

Saving optimized cord tissue provides more potential future treatment options for your family.